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Benefits of The Spinal Rejuvenation Table (SRT)

  • Converts gravity into traction. Published research documents its effectiveness in the re-hydration of discs and rehabilitation of the spine.
  • Designed to combine the force of gravity with the power of vibration to produce the amazing clinical statistics that support the phenomenal results.
  • Exercises the heart muscle (especially the left ventricle); therefore, producing much more than lumbar disc and spinal rehabilitation.
  • Research has shown that the use of whole body vibration and time, in concert with various weighted maneuvers during rehabilitation training, increases the blood flow by 100%.
  • Vibration rapidly reduces the time required on the table by half because it produces fatigue in the red tissues (muscles).
  • The combination of inversion and vibration shortens office visits and dramatically improves the results!
  • A table without vibration requires minimally 10 minutes of use just to get the patient to the point where effective traction on the disc can be produced.