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What Is Treatment Like?

After a diagnosis has been reached based on a history and examination, treatment can be rendered.

A.R.T. is generally performed with a direct contact from the doctor to the patient's skin.  The doctor will find the area to be worked on and either have the patient actively move a bodypart or passively move the bodypart for the patient.  The doctor's contact, coupled with the movement of the patient, allows the adhesions to separate.

The severity of the injury, as well as the length of time the injury has existed, are two critical factors as to how long it will take to resolve the case.  Patients must take an active role in their recovery to help lessen the chances of reoccurrence.  This may involve strengthening an area or modifications of certain activities.

The treatment is sometimes uncomfortable, but most people describe it as a good type of hurt.  Treatments are most effective when the appointments are initially scheduled close together.  As progress is made, the time between visits is lengthened.  The number of treatments needed to resolve a problem is variable and specific to each case with an average being 6-12 weeks.