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How Does the Cold Laser Work?

Cold Laser Light Therapy works at a cellular level within our bodies and produces many amazing physiological effects.  It stimulates our cellular power houses called mitochrondria to produce ATP.  ATP is the energy that all living cells use to do work.  So if your cells have more energy, they can do things like heal faster, repair your DNA better and increase its cellular metabolism.  It also stimulates many other cellular and physiological functions such as:

  • Decreases Inflammation   coldlaser.png
  • Decreases Pain
  • Decreases Scar Tissue
  • Stimulates Capillary Growth
  • Increases Cellular Oxygen 
  • Increases Circulation
  • Increases Cell Proliferation
  • Increases Fibroblastic activity (these are the cells that heal your soft tissues)
  • Increases Chondrocyte activity (these are the cells that heal the cartilage in your joint surfaces)
  • Increases Skin Circulation and Healing
  • Decreases Scar Tissue around Nerves
  • Increases the rate of Myelination, Schwann Cell production and Nerve Cell Growth……Heals your damaged Nerves!
  • Accelerates & Improves Healing after Surgery
  • Stimulates Osteoblastic activity (these are the cells that heal your bones)
  • Cold Laser has no thermal effect, so there is no chance of a burn.