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Voted Best of the Best for 8 Years!


"I had pain down my left leg from my ankle up to my thigh, eventually getting so bad that I walked slumped over to help alleviate the pain.  I had Sciatica and my discs were degenerating and pinching my left leg nerves and blood flow.  I started 2 times a week sessions with Dr. Webb and his Spinal Rejuvenation Table, and after 3 weeks, the smptoms were diminishing.  Also used the wobble seat therapy, vitamins and posture advice, and within 6 weeks all pain and discomfort were gone.  I also stand with better posture and with increased core stability." 
Gerard B.

"I was referred by a friend to Dr. Webb, as I had almost given up on ever being without terrible sciatic nerve pain, and I was seeing another Dr. without any results for five months before coming to Dr. Webb.  Dr. Webb took x-rays, showing, and then telling me what he planned to do to relieve the agony I was in, but making no promises, just that he would do his best and, true to his word, I am now walking and moving without great sciatic nerve pain.  I am able to stand straighter and sleep through the night for the first time in years!  Dr. Webb has used innovative problem solving and healing hands to help me when I am having a difficult time, truly listening to me, and always giving me solutions.  I thank God for sending me to him.  He has saved my life and I do mean saved my life!"
Bon Jolie

"Webb Spine has been so valuable to me and my career. I can't make a living if I am not healthy and on the field playing, so I only trust my body to the best there is. Dr. Webb and his staff go above and beyond in their service and expertise. The A.R.T. treatment and the Pettibon adjustments that I have received from Dr. Webb keep me playing my best. Without it, I would not be able to perform the way I want to and need to."
Josh B, MLB - Los Angeles Dodgers

"I'm several weeks into the process of trying ART techniques by Dr. Webb for my feet (plantar fasciitis/heel spur) and have had great results.  As researched on the web, I have had results in several weeks rather than several months for traditional rest/stretch/ice, etc.  I had pain particularly in one foot from a spur which resolved within a few visits and has let me get back to some moderate activity instead of limping.  A few added bonuses are that Dr. Webb and his staff are friendly and make you feel at ease and that his adjustments are effective and demonstrate his Palmer chiropractic training.  I understand why this office has won a best of the best award from local folks."
Virginia H.
Castle Rock

Grateful! My daughter, Hailey, has been suffering from chronic constipation since she was 2 months old. This has been a painful experience for her. Potty training has not been successful. At the age of 3, her doctors had put her on an adult daily dose of a laxative. I didn't think at the age of 3 this was the healthiest way to go. We discovered Dr. Webb through a very good friend and we have had the best experience! No more laxative! My Hailey now is successful with no constipation thanks to the expertise of Dr. Webb. We have suffered for years unknowing this could cure her needs. Dr. Webb is gentle and caring and has an awesome personality. He is very knowledgeable and I put my trust in him as he has worked miracles for us!  Thank you so much!
Darcy L.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Webb's for close to 2 years and can honestly say that he truly is passionate about his patients and the care they receive.  Not only from the way he has dealt with me and my issues, but I can also see how he relates with the very young to the elderly, and am truly impressed.  The therapy/rehab system is something I can attest to, as well as his knowledge and continued education.  He is not located anywhere near my residence or work, but is worth the drive for me to continue to be his patient!"
Beth M.

"Dr. Webb does my adjustments so complete that I leave feeling great and energetic.  I had been seeing Dr. Webb for several years and due to insurance coverage had to change doctors.  Over the years, I have seen lots of different chiropractors.  My treatments were never as satisfying as the treatments I received with Dr. Webb.  I am now back with Dr. Webb and insurance or not, as long as I am anywhere near his office, I will continue to see Dr. Webb.  I know I will get the best treatment and am no longer willing to accept anything less."
Beverly K.

"Dr. Brian Webb has been instrumental in getting my horrible neck pain manageable again.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking treatment and pain relief.  After seeing a multitude of providers over the course of 8 years and almost getting a 2 level disc fusion, I was blessed enough to have found him.  He takes his time and gives his undivided attention to each and every patient, and truly cares about the patient's well being, not just making a buck like some providers I have seen.  The entire staff at his office is wonderful, helpful and friendly.  After several months of treatments and adjustments, I am beginning to function and be happy again.  I highly recommend him!"
Julie M.

"Dr. Brian Webb is truly a gifted and caring Chiropractor!  After just 2 adjustments in a calm relaxed atmosphere, I was able to run and play, having a water gun fight with my 11 yr old son on his birthday.  He was so excited and I was amazed (I haven't done this in almost a year)!  Thank you so much, Dr. Webb!  I would recommend Dr. Brian Webb to ANYONE experiencing pain."
Sharon D.

"I feel much better and they spent the time to really get to know me and get results.  Highly recommended."
Brad K.

We value our patients' experience at Webb Spine & Sport Rehab. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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